manatee fantasee

Trashliege Explusion Celebration 420 Legalize It Massive Jam, our sophomore album, was recorded in one single improvised take on April 20th, 2017.

Manatee Fantasee started as just that, a fantasee of 3 musical geniuses who could not be described by genre, nor confined to the rigorous traditions of "mastering" ones "own instrument".

Our fates collided in Beats Research 1 at Mass College of Art and Design. Some say it was the meeting of the greatest improvisational minds in history, destined to create the sweetest sounds ever to grace the SIM sound studio.

(Some say "they played every song for 4 minutes too long and I dont understand why that one guy was rolling around on the floor and screaming." We are legally required to inform you that these people have been offered appropriate therapeutic intervention to make sure they are able to recover and heal from the trauma of encountering something they couldn't possibly hope to understand.)

It was a day hu-manatee would not soon forget.

We strolled the grassy knolls of the Fens and the beaten paths of the Arnold Arboretum, jamming the hours away under the perfect shady canopy to enjoy our egg salad sandwiches.

All in search of the silliest little songs.

Many thanks for our collaborators for this project: Cas Bee, Fensterman Science and the artist known only as k8.

Not pictured: Jesse Bowes, Dan Ruckus.
^^ E X P E R I E N C E T H E F A N T A S E E ^^